May 28 2012

Wedding Invitations + Ambigram

Last year I got married.
I designed the invitations for our wedding & wanted to produce something traditional yet personal for the occasion.
I felt the design would benefit from some custom typography, this was to be my first attempt at custom lettering, and to make it that little bit more challenging I decided to create an ambigram too.

The invitations were an A4 z-fold. We put them into the envelopes upside-down, so that when the guests removed them, they saw the Ash + Lisa lettering on the top of the invitation, but had to turn it 180° to open the z-fold.
With a bit of help & advice on the custom typography from the guys I work with in the studio, I was really pleased with the end result.

Oct 21 2011

The Patent Font by BANK

I stumbled across this yesterday while researching for a pitch.
It is created by BANK, a design studio in Berlin.
It might look like abstract neon letterforms, but it is, in fact, a study of building one single object that will display all the letters of the alphabet when viewed from different angles. Very clever.

Oct 12 2011

Project Bike Build

I finished building my first bike last weekend, using parts I bought new.
I had never built a bike before, but I thoroughly enjoyed it.
To complete it, as it was an unbranded frame, I decorated it with second hand model aeroplane decals I bought off eBay.

Apr 8 2011

Edison Gold Moulded Records

When I was at Daylesford recently, we stopped off at the market on our way back to Melbourne. At one of the stalls there were these old cardboard cylindrical packages that I noticed had beautiful old typography on them.
The elderly fellow behind the stall explained that these were original old phonograph records, patented by Thomas Edison (That’s right, the electric light bulb guy).
I had never seen this kind of thing before, so I bought two of the four that he had. They are about 115mm long and don’t weigh much.

It was impressive, for me, to think that these were the beginning of recorded music & how far things have come in a little over 100 years.
For all the mediums of music storage that I have seen come & go in my short life, how many more will there be in the next 100 years? (and how beautifully will they be presented?)

Mar 10 2011

The Quality of Flexographic Printing

Not long ago I went to, what was essentially a garage sale, at an old building that was being turned in to apartments.
This building was part of the Amcor facility, who manufacture & distribute a broad range of metal, plastic and paper packaging.

Amongst the piles of printed material that had been left behind, there were small boxes of Kodak transparencies. Flicking through a couple of slides they looked stylistically interesting, so I purchased several boxes.

When I looked at them all I found these really amazing photos of the quality of flexographic printing, which was obviously a slide presentation, and a date written on the back of the box; 6-1-1970.
Some really nice pics.

Unfortunately, these are just taken on my camera phone, but I hope to have them scanned.

Jan 11 2011

House Numbers

Over the Christmas break Dad & I made some numbers for my house.
As I wanted them to sit inside behind a frosted glass window, I wanted to make wooden numbers that stood up via the aid of a flat base.

I printed the two numbers out, each on their own A4 sheet, at the scale I wanted them.
Then we glued together two 18mm sheets of MDF. Once that was dry I used spray adhesive to stick the printed numbers to the wood as a template.
We then cut them out using various machinery, and used a rasp and sand paper to clean up the smaller areas on the numbers.
Then just screwed them to the 10mm wooden base.

A unforeseen outcome in the last photo, which I was pleasantly surprised with, was the 3D style extruded shadow caused by the light in the room.
The font I used was Angsana New Bold.

Nov 23 2010

Change of Heart…

Typographic test in 3D using scale and composition to emphasize tone.

Nov 17 2010

‘A’ Spiral Staircase

Just an idea I had to design a spiral staircase from an offset array of the letter ‘A’ using various fonts.

Oct 5 2010

24/7 365 v2

Updated render with tweaked type geometry and foliage.

Jan 28 2010

Long Exposures

A friend & I took some long exposure photos at Blairgowrie back beach over Australia day weekend.

I’m not totally pleased with the result, but they are interesting in the fact that we used a mix of available (moon) light and high-powered hand held flash.